Our Inspiration for
Lets Stop Shouting Awareness Day Nov. 6th 2021

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Why I started this day ...

Hi there and thank you for talking an interest in World Let’s Stop Shouting Awareness Day on 6th November 2021.

My names Yasmin Shaheen-Zaffar I’m a therapeutic counsellor and founder of Watoto Play Ltd,  I set up this awareness day to open up the conversation without shame or blame  about the impact shouting has on our physical and mental health and relationships. I guess for me as a mom – I want to do better.

Its simple really – no one likes being angry shouted at and in all honesty no one likes shouting. It causes us stress, can make us feel frightened, resentful or anxious and the cause often get’s buried in the shouting. We don’t move forward as nothing gets sorted. In fact we stay stuck.

For the shouter it can seem  like no one is listening, when all we want really is to be heard . This often causes more anger and frustration. We all know angry shouting can easily get out of control where hurtful things are said and done – leading to verbal abuse, aggression, violence or in some circumstances death.

Nor do we hear those through their shouting the fact they may be trying to tell us in their own way – they are reaching out for help and support.

I am passionate about non-abusive and non-violent communication. I really believe assertive non-violent communication is the key to building better relationships, creating a calmer world & just getting things done without the added stress and angst.

All I ask is you share our message – we have social media graphics available to download for free or use our Let’s Stop Shouting filter’s on Facebook or Instagram. You can download our digital breathe ball to keep on your phone or tablet as a little reminder to just breathe it all out.

But most importantly – let’s open up the conversation about how shouting effects shouters & shoutees – our health & relationships, our families, communities & the world around us.

Yasmin Shaheen-Zaffar

p.s being human I don’t always get it right either.  In fact for me personally to learn how to communicate assertively and calmly has been real hard work. It’s meant breaking ingrained family patterns. It’s meant learning it’s ok to ask. It’s meant learning to accept my needs won’t always get met.

what we stand for ...

Raising Awareness

of the impact shouting has on our relationships and physical and mental health for both the shouter and shoutee. No one likes being shouted at and really most of us don't like shouting either or losing control.


Advocating Passionate & Difficult Conversations

in the spirit of growth, learning, exploration of ideas and healthy debate. Our aim is to open up the conversation about how can we do this without shutting people down or without discussions resulting in resentment and anger manifesting into shouting, aggression, abuse or violence.


Promoting non-violent communication

by sharing free resources and strategies for assertive communication. De-escalation techniques and learning to manage shouty aggressive situations. We get it the pressure and frustration of everyday life can make it difficult to stay calm and collective. We just want to share the message - there is a healthier way to communicate (although it can be difficult to remember this)


How can you get involved ?

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